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Asteras Apartments in Xerokampos are renowned for their elegance, their clean and their hospitality. The apartments are located at the highest point of the Xerokampos settlement, 350m from the beach.

From the big balconies and the verandas, the guests are able to enjoy spectacular sunsets, the great view of the Libyan Sea and the beautiful beaches of Xerokampos.

Asteras complex comprises of 3 double deck buildings and each of them has 5 studios and two double room apartments. In the first and the second floor of each complex there are two studios big balconies and in the ground floor there is another studio and the two double room apartments with wonderful verandas.

Totally the complex has 15 studio and 6 double room apartments.

Each studio has double bed, it’s own bathroom, fully equipment kitchen, air-condition and an additional sliding bed.

The studios can accommodate easily up to 3 persons and there is the possibility for a 4th person if it’s a kid.

The double room apartments except from the fully equipment kitchen the air-condition and their own bathroom additionally have a separate bedroom with double bed and a aditionally bed in the living room area.

The double room apartments can accommodate easily up to 4 persons.

We also offer to all the guests free wi fi internet access.

In the outside area there is a beautiful lawn garden, slating paths and small rills that connect the two beautiful stone fountains. In this outside area dominates the green and the stone and creates a wonderful sense of harmony with the magnificent surroundings of Xerokampos.

Finally at the back area of the complex there is a big parking area.

Elegance and simplicity exists in all the areas.

Enjoy your holidays in Xerokampos

Giakoumaki Maria
Rent rooms and apartments for rent in Xerokampos Sitia East Crete Greece



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